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Thank you for taking the time to read this and allowing me an opportunity to share part of my design journey with you and my passion for design at Juless Design.

Its important to show that I am a real person with a passion for design and UI/UX that will go above and beyond the norm to make sure that your end result is amazing.

My name is Julia Bondarenko. I live in Odessa, a beautiful city on the Black Sea in Ukraine.

Odessa is famous for its fantastic architecture combining many styles as the designers were brought over from Italy, France and England by Catherine the Great.  I think it is this eclectic mix of art and design that has surrounded me my entire life that first inspired me to my passion of design and creating truly beautiful things.

I used my passion for design as a graphic designer at a ukrainian company with about 100 shops all over Ukraine which produces clothes for men in its own factories.  I enjoyed many of the roles, including managing the photo shoots with models, editing the photos and helping to put together the catalogues showcasing their products.

A project that was fun was  iPhone application called iTravelGo, it was a travel app for people who want to know more about the cities they were going to visit in advance.  I was asked to design the branding and UI/UX within a tight criteria as one of my first assignments.

As for me I also like to travel. I adore the spirit of asian countries and the history and art of european countries. You can see redesign of iTravelGo here.

I used to work at Readdle as a UI/UX designer for more than a year where I participated in the creation of various applications and also assisted in improving the company website.  This also gave me the knowledge of how to create mobile apps and websites in a successful way.

I also like to share my thoughts, opinions and experience with other designers in here in my blog.

It would be great to hear from you about projects that you are working on or just thinking about.  When you enjoy something as much as I do, its not work, its a pleasure to be involved.

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