How to Become a Successful Graphic Designer

How to become a successful graphic designer? You should be talented, clever and hardworking. And of course know some secrets. The world of design is incredible… Designers are people with unlimited inspiration, wide purview and fresh points of view. Graphic designer is also a part of this large family.

How to become graphic designer?

If you are not a professional designer but you have the sense of beauty you have a chance to become a successful graphic designer. All you should do is always learn.

Graphic designer does advertisement materials, multimedia, web development. He usually uses 2 programs: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. You can watch different tutorials in YouTube (for example I will start my private YourTube account soon, now you can watch Tuts+). There are other programs which you can use: Acrobat, Dreamviewer, Illustrator, Premiere, InDesign and After Effects. But you can also start from free and easier programs such as Gimp, Scribus, Inkscape and Pixlr.

Illustrator is used in creating of icons. If you are interested in Illustrator I advise to read “Adobe Illustrator Classroom in the Book” and “Vector Basic Training”. You will become the master of vector graphics.

Photoshop Tutorials is a useful resource where you can find also plug-ins, brushes, gradients and many other. Use all these books and services at least one hour a day and you will become an experienced user of Photoshop and Illustrator.

How to become a successful graphic designer - advices, blog of Julia Bondarenko

How to become a successful graphic designer

To become a successful graphic designer you should read a lot. Find books in design in the internet, read blogs of famous graphic designers. Learning is the main key for success.

To become a successful graphic designer you should see a lot. Start you day from visiting such sites as Behance and Dribbble. You will not just find inspiration there but your eye also will use to see beauty and then create beauty. You will learn to analyze works of other graphic designers and communicate with them.

Of course the best way is to go to special courses or university to study graphic design. You will learn there how to think as designer and how to create things which will be sold.

How to become a successful graphic designer?

So now you want to become more than just simple graphic designer. You want to become successful.

To become a successful graphic designer you should learn to draw. Of course you should not become an artist but you have to master simple drawing skills.

Here are the books which will help you:

  1. You Can Draw In 30 Days. Simply make a few lessons 30 minutes every day and this will help you to start drawing sketches.
  2. Picture this. This book is based on fairy tale about Little Red Riding Hood. It will teach you the basis of graphic design and drawing.

To become a successful graphic designer you should learn fonts and colors. There are a lot of sites with the best free fonts, download at least 50 fonts into your library. Learn about color schemes and use different websites such as:


To become a successful graphic designer you should learn how to write. A good designer should be successful in communication. A book “Made to Stick” will help you to write bright texts. Also use website “Voice and Tone”, there are the examples of texts which will be useful for your works.

Graphic design is divided into a few specialties: mobile apps, logos and web design. You should choose what you like the most and develop your skills in this sphere.

You can read how to become a successful UI/UX designer and how to create successful apps.

Create your portfolio of works.

Nowadays diploma of higher designer’s education is important but your portfolio of works is more important. It is not necessary to put into your portfolio your real works. It may be some sketches of mobile interfaces, designs of web sites, logos for the companies which don’t have them or concepts of redesign which you want to offer to existing companies. Besides you can offer your designs of logos to the companies to buy, maybe they will like your job.

You can also make different things for site 99designs and tasks from book “Creative Workshop”. Do not put into your portfolio all the works, choose only the best. It is better to have not a big but good portfolio of your works.

Find a job.

You can choose one of 2 ways: go to the office or become a freelancer. It is better start from office work if you are an inexperienced. Other designers will teach you and share their experience. Then you can become a freelance designer and have your own clients.

How to find a job: create your website-portfolio of works, connect in LinkedIn with companies you want to work with, try to make connection with people, it is the key for your future successful job.

And the main secret how to become a successful graphic designer is never stop learning. Always develop your skills and you will be real master.

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