How to Create a Successful App

How to create a successful app

How to create a successful app

It is always hard to start anything. Especially if it is your business, especially if you decided to create a successful app. You think that there are might be some secrets in app design. Of course there are a lot of ways to find out these secrets. One of it is to read a lot (read what are main principles of design), another one is practice. But practice usually costs not only your time but also a lot of money. Lets decide what are the main steps to create a successful app.

1. Create a business model.

Before you design an icon, code, hire copywriters you should think how your app will give you money. Advertisement, in-app purchases, minimal price, subscription, freemium – there are a lot of variants and all of them can be used in different strategies. For example, freemium (app with limited functionality) is mostly used in Great Britain and the USA. You can choose any strategy you want.

2. Find niche.

There are a lot of successful applications. You have to check Top apps in the App Store and find our which are the most successful and why, how many apps are in this field. If it is only 5 applications then your app has really good chances to become popular. If no – then it is better to find other idea to design an app.

You should also think about the countries for your app, otherwise you will have to localize it.

3. Create a successful product : about idea.

When you analyzed the most popular applications you should download them (yes, you may download all of them) and use them. Collect all the information about the apps – how do you feel about its interface, what are the features you like and don’t like, what makes you happy when you use it and what makes you nervous, think like a usual user. Do not repeat their mistakes in design of your app. If you want you may steal their idea, but your app design must be better in all senses. Though if you tried to copy the design of any giant it will be very difficult for you to rival with it. It is better to create something special and unique.

4. Create a successful product : about design.

What do I mean talking about design, it is very important. Design makes the app unique. Not only visually but also by feelings. It is very important nowadays to make a good interaction design which is very pleasant to use. So you have to choose the right colors for your app, not to be boring or too bright. Design the features which will really help user, entertain or solve his problems . Create great product, interactive design which will be considered.

In this article you can read more about main principles of good UI design.

5. Testing.

It is very important to test your app after creation. Ask the opinion of your friends, relatives, people from the street. Let them test your app! They are your future users. After they tell you what is ok or what is wrong you should correct your mistakes.

You may also do soft-launching. It will let you to evaluate the reaction of users, remove bugs, check the efficiency of chosen monetization model.

6. Choose the right name.

It is very important to choose a good name for the app. It must be memorable, bright and consist of 3 words. Do not repeat other apps’ names.

7. 3 seconds to buy your app.

When your future successful app is in the App Store it has only 3 seconds to make a user download it. How to do this? Create successful name of the app, icon and artworks. Nobody reads the full description, so it is not so important.

8. Marketing

It is very important. You should think about marketing first of all to create a successful app. Every person may have a good working idea and spend a lot of time to create the app, make a great job. The most important time for earning money on your app (or downloading) is a few days after its release, then takeoff, then extinction. So you have to do your best to make users download your app at the beginning.

There are a lot of ways to PR your app – free and paid: specialized resources, groups at socials, bloggers, advertisement and journalists. You may even think about some special ways to PR your app. For example, someone will agree to place link on your app in exchange of your good review, etc. There are a lot of ways. Think more and be creative!

9. Often updates.

Many successful apps make a good trick – they do often updates. After launching they concentrate only on the main features. If it is a photo editor – it provides its work good, no extra features. Then they release more and more interesting things for users. It is the way they warm interest and make their app always popular.

So these are the main secrets how to create a successful app. Hope it will help you to make a wonderful startup.

By the way, if you have any idea you can ask me and I will design an app for you. Contact me HERE.

Written by Julia Bondarenko.

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