iTravelGo – Travel App for iPad and iPhone

Together with my friend Oleg Baranovskyi we have created application iTravelGo about 4 years ago. It was a hard work but we did it. There were a lot of reason why we stoped selling it in AppStore. Now we decided to make a redesign of this app. We are looking for an iOS developer to make our dreams come true. We already have business plan and though about marketing details.

We added some new features and decided to broaden the list of cities and wonders.

iTravelGo will help you to read history, watch beautiful photos, explore important information and tips of the World Largest Wonders. There are more than 7 wonders in the world. Search and explore all of them with the help of iTravelGo app.

You can read main information about wonders, book a hotel and a flight right away from the app.
Share with your friends in socials to make them informed.

Don’t know where to go? What are the best views to see? How to get to the place you need?
What is the best season for travelling there? We will give the answers to all these questions.

Here you can find everything you need for travelling.

I cannot open all the secrets we want to implement in our new app but you can contact me directly if you can help us with developing:

By the way I adore travelling, you can watch more videos on my YouTube channel.

iTravelGo - mobile travel app for ipad and iphone - interface design

iTravelGo – mobile travel app for ipad and iphone – interface design