How to draw fashion illustration

Fashion illustrator is a modern occupation nowadays. It is a person who draws fashion illustration inspired by current trends in fashion. Of course it is not easy to find your own style but you should learn a lot to develop your sense of beauty.

So what is fashion illustration? Is it a simple copy of modern bloggers in your sketches? Is it a sketch of future clothes of fashion designer? Is it a fantasy on the fashion and style theme? I think it is all the definitions altogether and separately. Fashion illustration is a way to express yourself for the artist connected with fashion.

How to draw fashion illustration for illustrator

How to draw fashion illustration for illustrator













What should usual person know to become a fashion illustrator?

  1. Start learning to draw, not only illustration.

I mean classical technique. Go to some courses or art school. You should have a master or teacher who will show you the basic skills you must obtain: principles of work with different drawing tools, developing your accurate eye, knowledge of painting style etc.

If you are a self-educated person there are some books I advise you to look through to obtain skills in drawing illustration:

  • Sarah Simblet “Sketchbook for the artist”
  • Elisabetta Drudi “Figure drawing for fashion design”
  • John Hopkins “Basics fashion design 05: fashion drawing”
  • Nancy Riegelman “9 heads: a guide to drawing fashion”
  • Cecile Hardy “A guide to better figure drawing”

Here are the examples of fashion illustration which you can draw by yourself after reading these books:

How to draw fashion illustration for illustrator

How to draw fashion illustration for illustrator













  1. Learn history of art.

If you want to be a high qualified illustrator you should be educated in history of art. Go to the historical museums to feel the atmosphere of centuries, to observe styles of ages. Go to exhibitions where you can not only watch interesting works of art but also get acquainted with famous artists, interesting creators of beauty and art, view other illustrators. Attend the places which may bring you inspiration – the more beautiful and rare things you see the more you develop your imagination and skills. Travelling also brings a lot of inspiration for illustrator. I always try to surround myself by interesting people, take part in unusual situations and observe beautiful things.

If you like to read there are a few books which will bring you pleasure and develop your inner world as an illustrator and artist:

  • Augustin Challamel “The history of fashion in France”
  • Carl Kohler “A history of costume”
  1. Learn special programs.

Sometimes you need not only to draw by hand but also work in special computer programs (Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator) to make your work ideal or present your work in some special way.

You can read how to become a graphic designer and where you can learn these programs in another article of mine.

You can read more about fashion illustration and computer in:

  • Kathryn Hagen’s book “Fashion illustration for designers”
  • Streeter L.B. “Essential fashion illustration: Digital”
  1. View special videos.

There are a lot of tutorials in YouTube of how to learn to draw fashion illustration and how to become fashion illustrator. My favourite channels are FSketcher, Zyra Banez, Shahdesign, Fashion Teaching by Ioana Avram and Fashion Step-by-Step. Also, this is an excellent article on fashion drawing, with videos.

  1. Watch works of other fashion illustrators/bloggers.

The best way to find your own style is to start copying and then develop your skills. I am inspired by works of these illustrators: Bree Leman (computer illustration), Kelly Thompson (draws sexy illustration of fashion girl), Cate Parr (draws sensitive watercolor illustration), Hayden Williams (british designer and illustrator who likes to draw pop stars), Katie Rodgers (Paper Fashion blog), Clara Gomez (super girls made in her own style), Inslee Hayness (increadible fashion illustrator).

So I think after all these advices you will start learning to draw fashion illustration and some day your works will also appear among these amazing illustrators. Just do not give up and keep on creating wonderful art.

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