How to make a client happy?

How to make a client happy

How to make a client happy

Making people happy is the sweetest thing. Do you agree?  So you are a famous designer, or not too famous – it doesn’t matter. But you still want to make your client happy. And you want him to return for your services again. I think if you are a good psychologist it is the easiest thing to do for you. It depends on a few factors:

  • Your work
  • Client’s task
  • Client’s mood

It is obvious that first you work for reputation and then reputation works for you. So to make a client happy and make him come back to you should do your career extremely awesome.

You already know that to get a client you need to have a good portfolio and be a public person. Try to tell everyone that you are a designer. Try to become socially popular. Shy people cannot achieve success. Read here how to become sucessful graphic designer.

Satisfaction of a client first of all comes from communication with you. It is very important to have personal Skype call with a client, to be sincere and honest, to be interested in his business and his life. Clients are people and they feel when you are interested only in getting money and making the work done faster. They appreciate your sincere interest in their business. So I think the first very important thing is to change the way you, designer, think. Money is not everything you need. You main aim is to make a person satisfied with your communication and your work. This will make a client happy and return to you.

Make client happy. Client’s task.

The first thing you should do is to make a personal contact with a client, to make friends with him. Then you should try to know more about his business, his aims, his ideas. If your English is not perfect send him a Brief to be fulfilled with main questions about the design. This will help you to organize the work better. Appoint more than one Skype call to achieve better results.

Make client happy. Your work.

Client will be happy if you do your job good. When you are designing try to find the best decisions, try to do this work as good as you can. Use Dribbble and Behance for inspiration. Ask the client the more questions you can about his wishes and seeing the future design. Be hardworking. This will be noticed and you will make a client happy.

Try to be flexible. If he asks for changes – do it, but if you think your option is better – try to explain him why it will be better for his business. You must say No if you want but be reasonable.

Show a few options of your work. He will choose what he likes the most. Otherwise he will tell you what things he likes or doesn’t like.

Be punctual. Deadlines are important for planning and respecting you as a designer. Keeping deadlines make many clients feel happy.

Make client happy. Client’s mood.

Make a client happy first of all as a person. If you are good psychologist and can communicate with people this will not be a problem for you. Try to be open and give free advice. It doesn’t mean that you should do everything for free but this thing will create a good client’s attitude to you. When you are speaking about his business for hours with him and do not ask his money for this time this will involve him into working with you. Even if he didn’t decide with whom to work he will already think he is working with you. He will obviously choose you because you wasted a lot of time talking to him.

You can offer some discounts to make a client happy. For example you can say that next his order will have about 10-20% of discount. Or you can say you like to work with people who ask to design websites about cars, that is why you can offer 10% of discount.

So it is not difficult to make a client happy. Keep working, designer 🙂



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