How to make a design site for two days or the story of my disappointment

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Juless design website screenshoot

I was a designer. I tried to learn fast and to develop myself as a high-classed specialist. Now I understand that all your forces must be seen by other people: they should criticize your works or admire them. No other way. In the 21th century the right way to achieve this goals is to make a web site.

So one day I decided to break the rules and create my own way of self-expression. I opened my hosting web site and started to find out the way to make a my own website without any help. I chose good domain name, paid for it using my card and connected it to the hosting. Then I found a wordpress installation on my hosting and used that service. I downloaded it and made some changes in code using youtube channel and technical support of my hosting. After installation I chose the wordpress theme and made some changes. Using its settings I made a few menus, added main pages and corrected information of the first page of the wordpress template. That was the end of the first day.

In the morning of my next day I could wait to fulfill my new website Juless Design with a content. I added photos and description to the portfolio, wrote my first article into the blog. I always wanted to have my own Blog. It is wonderful experience I think to express yourself, to tell what you want, to learn things and try to interpret them in the simple correct way. And of course it is a great opportunity to communicate with people which I appreciate very much. I LOVE PEOPLE and all this experience they give. Every word and thought is worth to think about it.

Meanwhile I am writing my current feelings about the website creation but I hope in future I will be more productive and will try to share with you also some technical and professional information about design. Design is a way we express ourselves. It is a special way of thinking and making good things work insensibly. So now I have the tool in my hands to show you how good thinks may work and waiting for your comments and advices. Also appreciate every your speech.

Oh, I forgot to tell you about my disappointment. The main disappointment was the stimulus for the further development the result of which your are reading now. When you will have that kind of disappointment you will understand me.

Written by Julia Bondarenko.

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