Mobile app development. Does your business need it?

Mobile app development is very useful for your business because we live in the mobile world. Every day our hands keep smartphones. Even a child use smartphone. We make photos, place them into the social networks, communicate, read, make shopping online, make business, wake up and sleep together with our new friend. We cannot imagine our live without mobile phones. More and more people nowadays use mobile phones more than TV. At least 5 years ago there was no sense in mobile app development, now it makes a lot of sense.

Today people activate daily 1.3 million of Android phones, iOS market is popular as well. Besides technology continue to develop, smart watch, glasses etc. So internet technology market is growing very fast. Average usage of mobile apps is 41 apps. Just imagine!

Development of mobile apps is not a rare situation nowadays. App Store and Google Play have 1.5 million of apps altogether but 60% of apps are not even downloaded at least once. Every fours app is not being used after downloading. There are so many splendid ideas of mobile apps but practically their realization is not as good as it could be.

People check their gadgets every 6-7 minutes, that is 150 times a day. Internet research and websites review take 70 minutes a day, usage of apps takes 2 hours a day, people watch video 168 minutes a day (that is why development of mobile app is a necessary thing).

What about future of mobile technologies? A lot of experts think that in 2020 mobile market will rise until 89 millions of downloads, online payments via mobile phones will rise until 50% of general amount. In spite of these statistics a lot of companies that makes development of mobile apps do not feel themselves in safe. It is not enough to develop an app with good interface. User involvement to their app must be organically easy. And you must understand why people will use your app.

So statistics says that YES, mobile market will grow and that is why your business definitely need a mobile app. In Juless Design Studio we can offer your business a mobile app development which will be based on analysis of your business.

Mobile app development consists of these stages:

  • analysis of your business before development;
  • making prototypes before development;
  • design of mobile app;
  • mobile app development;
  • management of the project while development;
  • testing of mobile app;
  • marketing if needed after development;
  • mobile app launch.
Mobile App Development Stages for your business

Mobile App Development Stages


These stages work for both business apps for internal usage and startups. Development of mobile app is a long and not easy process but we can help you in this. Usually it takes 2-4 months for small mobile app for internal usage. If you have a product and would like to launch a startup the development process can take about 2 years or so.

Every part of the process takes some time. When we make analysis of your business we usually try to get into the business of our client. We do not hesitate to ask a lot of questions to be well informed and make good research of your competitors, we need to know everything about your business to offer you the best ways to solve your task and make a good mobile app development.

When answers are ready we can do another stage of mobile app development – prototyping. We use special programs while development to make visualization and show you how your mobile app will work. It is a simple presentation without details (colors, fonts, images, etc. ). Everything is in schemes.

Mobile app design is special and unique. It is about prestige, usability and simplicity in usage. It is also investments to your sales increase. Just imagine mobile app development will raise your sales in future in about 23%. Some businesses need mobile app to perform special tasks for their employees. Anyway mobile app development is a reasonable and useful thing to be integrated in your company. So special design will help you in solving the tasks of your company – either marketing, either inner goals.

Mobile app development is a long and most difficult part. While managing all the project we used to keep abreast. We are well informed about every stage of the process and control it.

If you need a really good app, you obviously need to make good marketing and PR. Please contact us at to have special service of this stage of mobile app development.

When all the things are done we can make tests and fix possible bugs. After all company, business or startup can enjoy their mobile app in the App Store or Google Play.

There are some secrets we would like to open for you if you think of mobile app development for your business.

Things that work well:

  • Stocks, discounts work very well from the mobile app. If you send push notifications it is a really good way to increase your business. For example, if you are a good restaurant you can send push-notifications twice a day about discounts. You can offer special stocks for people who order your service via mobile app. Development of your app must include this possibility.
  • Free content about your business. For example, after making order on your website you offer your client to download your app where you can tell a lot of useful tips: how to cook delicious food, where to buy vegetables, etc. Imagine and make your dreams come true in your mobile app.

So I am sure you should think about your own mobile app development, Juless Design will be glad to help you.

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