Brand Juless design -ukrainian designer Julia Bondarenko. Odessa Fashion Week 2017

Ukrainian fashion brand Juless Design represented new collection

At summer 2017 in Amsterdam it was represented debut collection of ukrainian fashion designer Julia Bondarenko – Futura. It is a futuristic collection with the elements of constructivism. Asymmetric cuts, a combination of contrast materials are presented in collection. Tender silk chiffon and rude leather, dresses with one sleeve and one-sided cutouts – all this fits to bright extraordinary people who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Colors of dresses are calm, pastel, that shows inner beauty of their future possessors. The main idea of collection – people of future, who are they and whom they should be: spiritual aesthetes, but at the same time very intelligent and original personalities. Fashion show of[…]

Futura - fashion collection of Julia Bondarenko - EMW 3.0

Designing for the future: trends we need to consider now

I would like to tell you my story. It is very interesting and unusual as all truthful stories. Since childhood I have been dreaming to become a fashion designer. But life circumstances always changed my dream, not exactly changed but put it off. Then computers appeared. And I decided to become a web designer. It was just a new exciting trend in the world interaction. IT sphere developed very fast and I became a UI/UX designer. It is a mix of logical skills, ability to think, to understand human needs and creativity. Also you should love technology. Thus I became a person who believes in the world future changes and sees[…]

How to draw fashion illustration for illustrator

How to draw fashion illustration

Fashion illustrator is a modern occupation nowadays. It is a person who draws fashion illustration inspired by current trends in fashion. Of course it is not easy to find your own style but you should learn a lot to develop your sense of beauty. So what is fashion illustration? Is it a simple copy of modern bloggers in your sketches? Is it a sketch of future clothes of fashion designer? Is it a fantasy on the fashion and style theme? I think it is all the definitions altogether and separately. Fashion illustration is a way to express yourself for the artist connected with fashion.            […]