When you ask designer’s opinion about your work…

I think every designer made a trip like this. From a starter to an experienced person in the design field. In spite of this, every time you create new things designers usually critisize your work.

It’s beautiful Porsche Boxster. But if you ask an opinion of another designer about your work it will look like this:

porshe boxster, designer's opinion, fight

The question is whether to ask or not the designer’s opinion about your work.

Guys, the question is mostly ethical – whether to ask the opinion of another designer or not. Usually when I ask it I hear a lot of criticism which is:

  1. Mostly ot very useful because of subjective vision of design. For example, I usually like big elements in my work, some people like small, some people like white light colours, other like dark saturated colours etc.
  2. Comes from desire of every person seem to be more clever (experienced) then other person. Hey, this is life, do not tell me I am wrong:)

In other side, asking this question is good because:

  1. You have other corner of view on your project. This makes your work better because you may not notice important things in your design;
  2. You talk with other people and learn to share your point of view and in most cases proove that you are right. Even if you are not right and your work is Sh*t you learnt to convince people that it is wonderful.

Interesting what you think on this topic. Every comment is appreciated.

Written by Julia Bondarenko.

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